May 28, 2023

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April, the story of a 16-year-old who specializes in heavy machinery | Viral | Viral | Argentina | ARG nnda nnrt | Stories

April is a young woman You have a curiosity that some people can understand. Reflected in a portal statement , This woman with 16 calendars loves working in the fields.

According to her, she is part of the sixth generation of agricultural producers in the 9D Julio area northwest of the province of Buenos Aires.

Her affection for everything related to agriculture began in childhood, When he saw his father and grandfather working with the production machine. “I asked them to explain everything to me and I learned very quickly because it interested me,” he said.

April, Intermediate education not yet completed, At the age of 14 he drove a tractor alone. “At first I was hard to fix, but I held his hand. Then, it was customary to leave the transfer and go here and there,” he said.

Second, His father, Don Juan Manuel, is absolutely proud of what he considered. “He does everything: he runs, he walks on the machine when I have to do some paperwork, he moves equipment,” he commented.

On social networks, many were surprised by the interest in the field that April felt, Anyone who wants to study agricultural science after graduation.

“I think it’s great that she has so much affection for her family heritage. I’m sure she’s going to be a great agronomist,” one user confirmed.

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