May 31, 2023

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Apple TV Plus Pachinko's Trailer Looks Heartbreaking And Awesome

Apple TV Plus Pachinko’s Trailer Looks Heartbreaking And Awesome


You know what it’s like: you’re scrutinizing streaming services half-heartedly, looking for something that triggers anything other than “Bleh” in your mind. As you scroll through an endless library of content. Then an idea comes to mind: “Hello!You think, ‘How about a comprehensive, dramatic vision of multiple generations of 20th-century Korean and Japanese history, told through the prism of one complex family with complex chains of shared twins? “

You’re in luck, very specific hypothetical person: Apple TV+ just released a new trailer for pachinko, her new TV series based on the critically acclaimed novel by writer Min Jin Lee. Like the book, the series follows Senja’s life (played, at various stages in her life, by Yoon, Kim Min-Ha, and Jeon Yu-Na), growing up from a young woman struggling with poverty and family expectations in Korea, eventually became the mother of her extensive family. Along the way, their lives interact with modernization in both Korea and Japan, the growing influence of organized crime families, religious persecution, and the after-effects of World War II.

The series was created by TerrorSoo Hugh, with director Kogonada and director Justin Chon taking on directing duties in four From the eight installments of the offer each.

trailer for pachinko Striking powerfully across the various regions and places covered by the best-selling novel, it tells a multigenerational story that tracks Senja and her children as they slowly rise up in the world.; The book itself was more linear, telling the story of each generation in order. (It is not yet clear if a suitable display will adopt a similar structure.) In addition to Yoon, the series also stars Lee Min Ho, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, and Sugi Arai as parts of the extended Sunja family.

pachinko Streaming on Apple TV+ is set to begin on March 25th.

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