March 26, 2023

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About one in every 2,000 babies in the world is born with one kidney, according to the US National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Nicholas is part of this small percentage who suffer from a condition called renal agenesis. Over the years, the renal function of his only kidney deteriorated until it reached end stage. To save him, it is necessary to think about an alternative treatment.

There are two worlds in Nicholas’ life: the health centers and what’s outside. However, he has adapted to both, with great confidence that has enabled him to fight and face his situation with great confidence. In this photo sent by his mother, Nicholas is shown continuing his studies at the hospital.

For months, Nicolas’ mother, Elena Soledad Rocha, went through all the medical evaluations necessary to put her son on the organ donation waiting list to receive a kidney. “We did all the exams and then they said that he is in the list”, his mother narrated.

However, a few days later, they were told that a small reflux was observed in the urology area. It is defined as the abnormal backflow of urine from the bladder through the tubes that connect the kidney to the bladder. “That was explained to me His only kidney needed to be removed to enter the waiting list And that, if he doesn’t agree [a la operación]They couldn’t add it to the list.”Elena explained.

An unknown function

All medical records held by Nicholas prior to entry Repagliati Hospital They indicated that he had only the right kidney. In the results of a radiorenogram performed in Nuclear Institute of Special Diagnosis That is detailed “Left kidney not appreciated”. Another study from Clínica Centenario concluded that the left kidney “without”.

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This report from the Nuclear Institute for Special Diagnosis is one of the reports describing the absence of the left kidney.

This report from the Nuclear Institute for Special Diagnosis is one of the reports describing the absence of the left kidney.

However, all of this information was rendered useless when Nicholas underwent surgery on September 29, 2022, as doctors searched for an incision for him. Left kidney. According to the mother, the surgical staff had not been notified that her kidney was ectopic, meaning it was not in a normal position.

“They opened Nicholas from the back and they didn’t find the kidney. They opened it from the front and they couldn’t find it. They removed several organs in that rush. They damaged a rib. They cut his diaphragm. His spleen was damaged and had to be removed., specifically his mother. The operation, which took about 6 hours, failed to remove the kidney.

This is one of the scars from the operation to remove the kidney on Nicholas.  A photo sent by Nicholas' mother shows the incision on the left side, while the only kidney present was on the right.

This is one of the scars from the operation to remove the kidney on Nicholas. A photo sent by Nicholas’ mother shows the incision on the left side, while the only kidney present was on the right.

To this day, Nicholas’ mother has not received clear answers about what happened in this operation. However, some of the doctors who treated your son explained that the reflux was absent or very mild, so surgery should not be performed. After all, Nicholas is left with the scars of an operation that, given all the information about his previous procedures, could have had a different outcome.

Eternal scars

The spleen is an organ that helps the human body fight germs and infections. Without it, Nicolas would have to follow a special vaccination regimen because he would be vulnerable to certain types of diseases, his mother explained. Experts have commented Trade Meningococcal vaccines should be used in these cases.

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Although a person can live a full life without a spleen, experts say that complicating Nicholas’ condition is damage to the diaphragm. For several weeks, he had to receive antibiotics to stop the infection of the wound in this area. As a result, he could not be expelled for several months.

Nicholas had had a non-stop fever for weeks and an ulcer on his diaphragm, the result of a botched operation, persisted until last December. Despite being discharged on December 9, he will have another follow-up ultrasound this January to see if the injury has finally healed.

Because of all the complications during the procedure, Nicholas is still unable to get a place on the waiting list to receive a kidney. His mother says she had to repeat several tests to assess her son’s health and compatibility to receive a potential organ. Mom estimates these new tests will last about 30 days.

Institutional maltreatment

In addition to all the physical damage, Nicholas and his mother suffer from stress and anxiety. According to the mother, the only people who helped and treated them well were Nicolas’ attending physician, Dr. Juan José García Bustinza, and the pediatric urology team. “Dr. Garcia made every effort to contact appointments and so on, but he alone can’t do it against everyone [los demás funcionarios de la institución]”, under control.

However, the rest of the staff at Rebagliati Pediatrics demonstrated systematic maltreatment. “The staff calls our attention to us [los padres de los pacientes]. There seems to be a protocol, so we always scold”Mother said. “Everything is very difficult. Everything should be seen with 20 eyes.He said about the repeated cases of negligence on the part of the employees.

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Mother once said “They took blood from Nicholas and gave him another patient’s name”. Additionally, after requesting a report on ultrasound used for surgical intervention, it warns, He was informed that they could not find it.


In a statement, the Rebagliati Hospital Benefit Network noted “During surgery [de Nicolás]Unfortunately, there are complications with some of these types of surgeries because they are so complicated.”. Additionally, they argued, the complications were treated promptly without disrupting Nicholas’ life or causing permanent damage. Finally, they indicated that they would review their case to ensure that protocols of care were followed.