May 31, 2023

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The first thing users do after purchasing a new smartphone is to install their favorite applications, among them definitely: WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc. Common social networks that everyone uses, however, today we will show you three. Innovative little known applications that are not on your device with the operating system .

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Rain alarm

Currently, devices Android They have a default application that provides daily weather forecast, which sometimes tells you that it will be sunny one day and you wake up to rain or vice versa, however, there is an application of 0% error. These weather forecasts, we mention This is a map that tells you in real time whether it is raining or not.

Additionally, the app can be configured so that it will only show you forecasts within a certain kilometer radius near your area, this way you will know for sure whether you should pick up your umbrella or not. The information used comes from government climate services in the following countries:

  • United States: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, USA (including Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam), Canada, Bermuda.
  • Europe: Spain (including Balearic and Canary Islands), Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine.
  • Asia: Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India.
  • Oceania: Australia.

Social movement

Google Maps and Waze are two good options when you want to go to a specific place, you never know how, but there is another application created for users who drive daily and for many hours. A site that notifies you in real time if there are accidents, traffic or traffic jams, speed limit alerts, etc. on your road.

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These apps work with reports sent by drivers in different parts of your country, as well as being downloaded and used by a large number of users on their smartphones so that the application is updated at all times. Android Or iOS.


These apps are one of the best options when you have a new cell phone or are thinking of redesigning the interface of your device. Gives you many awesome free backgrounds in HD or 4k. Additionally, any free wallpaper you choose will be designed to fit every smartphone or tablet.

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