May 31, 2023

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Andres Lopez Obrador | Mexico | Political Crisis | Castillo Mexican seeks help from AMLO | Politics

Small political manipulation of the president Not only reflected in their constant mistakes, But is now trying to intervene with other leaders to confront internal political control.

Mexico’s President Andr மானs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO) betrayed Castillo and asked for “support” to deal with the political crisis created by the presidential vacuum due to his moral incompetence, which was argued in irregular promotions. In re-establishing bilateral relations with the Armed Forces, the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro and other aspects.

In these ways, the Mexican criticized Castillo’s “enemies,” who proposed action against “a leader born of pride in the mountains and from poor communities.” “Imagine this situation, a conservatism, even supported by (Mario) Vargas Losa, which is irrational. So, the president asked us for support because there is a whole campaign against it, and the media has advanced, combined with inflation,” he explained.

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President at ORFANDAD

Supported by internationalist Miguel Rodriguez McKay Peru 21 This situation proves the orphan status of the president, who does not know where to seek refuge or whom to seek, because his ministers have not fulfilled their role as catalysts or squares for a head of state, which is why he is being sought abroad.

In addition, he emphasized that the AMLO was not a reference, but a tool to provide advice or guidance when he was a proponent of governance, democracy, respect and political values. Understood backwards.

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It was announced that a demand had been made for the confiscation of the civil damages imposed on Vladimir Seron, the leader of the Peruvian Libraries; In addition, Minister Carrasco contradicted himself and now points out that the meeting with Castillo in Prena was “for personal issues”; And President Castillo will not appear to testify in front of the prosecutor’s office for allegedly interfering with the Armed Forces’ promotions. And asks for a new date; The Ucayali regional governor escaped just minutes before being arrested for leading a criminal organization.