June 8, 2023


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Andres Hurtado, his ex-wife Marilyn Mandeil and ‘La India’ | Eye-sight

TV presenter He lives one of the happiest moments of his life and is now able to reunite his ex-wife Marilyn Montiel with his current partner Singer .

Identity: Maggie will auction off fancy handbags donated by Andres and Josetti Hertado to help the dining room

The moving scene was recorded by Josity Hartado and shared on his social media sites. As you can see in the pictures Marilyn Montiel – the mother of Josetti and Genesis Hurtado – hugged the ex-wife of the famous ‘Cipolan’.

“This, the country could not believe. ‘India’ is with my wife and Josetti and Kenesis’ mother Marilyn, but she agreed, and our family accepted our marriage.‘Since today is Saturday with Andres’ the presenter said excitedly.

“Mother has already given blessings (to the relationship)”, Josetti is heard to say.

Finally, Andres Hardado asks La India to kiss his ex-wife. Marilyn Montiel.

Andres Hertado signs a millionaire deal with Azteca de Mexico

The Panamerica Television host was able to internationalize, Azteca Television signed a contract with Mexico, and he signed “Urragos” at the exact moment.

“It’s going to be a new deal for Mexico’s Azteca Television, we’re going to be a part of the deal, we’re sure how it was. They replaced him by helicopter. We were with Azteca Television’s manager. This is real, this is not the story,” he said. Magali revealed Medina.

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