January 18, 2022


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Andra Eskimilla: The young man asks for respect for his nickname and goes viral on Dick Tock: “I’m not your partner, I’m your partner”

Andra Eskmilla, Identifies as who Non-binary gender person; In other words, he did not identify the female or male gender and asked his fellow students in the virtual class to respect their pronouns. The student, who decided to ignore the background image of the zoom box and the name of the stage, mentions that he identifies as “Elle” and “he”., He marked the young Mexican woman. “I am not your partner, I am your partner”, He said.

Facing what had happened, student Max Carvajal looked at Andra with tears in his eyes and apologized. “Sorry, an apology, ‘comrade’, Carvajal had previously responded to his classmates and the teacher of the Education Center. That video went viral fast Tick ​​tock.

Mexican author Louis Hernandez He explained that there is no difference between socioeconomic status, religion and gender for depression. After that, he intervened when he heard the word “Eskimilla”.Gender“It is not a synonym for sexuality because the latter refers to the genitals in which a person is born, while the former is a social construct that develops throughout development.

After several messages he received, the student talked about what had happened through his channel Tic Tac Toe. “It can be a little serious because I get so many comments about harassment and the most ugly things, I don’t care what they say about me or what they think, but there are colleagues in the LGBTQ + community who do

“Every semester there is a specific episode, a little person does not mention me with a proper nickname, and nothing my teachers do has happened to me more than once, and then, I try to make them respect my nicknames. And they called me ‘she’, many, “he insisted. He explained that this fact is classified as misunderstanding and asked that schools and educational centers should not affect people to be a safe place. LGDPI.

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The Inclusive language The Spanish language has dominated various parts of the world in recent years. This is one of the ways to combat this Sex And androcentrism expressed through language.

What does it mean to be non-binary gender?

People Gender Non Binary – Also known as ‘gender’ or ‘gender’ – transgender people in the United States who, according to the National Center for Equality, do not recognize the traditional male and female genders.

That system explains that they are born with bodies that “comply” with the body that is commonly known as male and female. However, your inherent gender identity is slightly different from that of male or female.