December 9, 2022

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AMLO confirms cancellation of Pacific Alliance summit because they didn’t give Peru’s president Pedro Castillo permission | Mexico | Peruvian Congress | the world

President of Mexico It was confirmed on Tuesday that the Pacific Alliance summit planned for this Friday in the country was suspended after the Peruvian Congress refused the visit of President Pedro Castillo.

“The meeting of the Pacific Alliance was suspended because the president of Peru was not allowed to attend and he is the head (of the organization), he is going to have it here, and we are exploring the possibility of holding an action in Peru.”It has been said Lopez Obrador At his daily press conference.

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Despite the suspension of the summit, The Mexican president confirmed the attendance of other member presidents, Chile’s Gabriel Boric and Colombia’s Gustavo Pedro. as well as the ruler Ecuador, Guillermo LasoAspirant to join business block.

Appointment scheduled November 25 in Mexico City.

“The President will be with us tomorrow afternoon Battle I can say that the President is coming to a bilateral meeting LassoPresident PetroThey will be with us.”Lopez deepened Obrador.

On Monday, AMLO had already requested that the meeting be cancelled. “They are likely to be canceled because the meeting of the countries of the Pacific Alliance has not given permission to attend with the president of Peru, and then we are going to postpone or look for another way.Am I the interim leader of the coalition or the interim leader, the inauguration of the president is the president of Peru, so if he doesn’t come, who do I hand it over to?” AMLO In his Mannera broadcast daily on social networks.

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He maintained that one of the ways the meeting could take place was to hold the meeting in Peru; He, however, said the plan needed to be consulted.

“We can have a meeting in Peru because I have to hand over the presidency Pedro Castillo. That may be an option, do it there, but I would have to advise. It is not acceptable to me to hold a meeting without the President who is supposed to take office”. revealed AMLO.

AMLO He said he would hold bilateral meetings with other leaders Pacific Alliance Visitors to Mexico.

“I’m going to have bilateral meetings, if the president of Chile comes, the president of Costa Rica comes, the president of Honduras comes, but this meeting of the Pacific Alliance is not necessary”.

The Pacific AllianceFormally created 10 years ago and seeking to strengthen trade integration, it is the “eighth economic power and the eighth exporting power worldwide”, representing 41% of Latin America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and attracting 38% of its foreign population. Direct investment.

The Summit in Mexico This raised expectations as for the first time the four leaders making up the group were from the Left.

Further, AMLO took the opportunity to invite Latin American leftist leaders such as Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and Brazil’s President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

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Ecuadorean and Costa Rican presidents Rodrigo Chávez will also attend, as they seek to enter the trade bloc.

“For the same reason, President-elect Lula or Alberto Fernandez, the president of Argentina, will not be there, but this is the house of both of us, we are very good friends, and then, of course, they will meet us.” López Obrador concluded.

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