January 26, 2022


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American Corona Virus Joe Biden | US President expects new restrictions on COVID-19 in US “by all means” The world

Chairman of , The Delta variant, especially as the epidemic spreads, warned this Saturday that the North American government will introduce new restrictions against the corona virus in the country.

In all likelihood “, The president commented to CBS News at a time when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had warned that Delta had caused.Change“On top of it”War“Against the disease is described in an internal note with classified data describing the hypothesis that vaccinated people will spread at the same rate without vaccination.

This document, first collected by the ‘Washington Post’, is a presentation on the slides, warning that the variant may be more contagious than viruses that cause infections such as Ebola, colds or smallpox.

Presentation, it refers “Communication Challenges” Facing the organization on the impact of variation on vaccinated people, this week CDC Director Rochelle Walenski used the CDC to justify the change in regulations recently published, and now they recommend the use of masks in public places in those parts of the country with a high number of infections.

In all, the United States has recorded 35 million infections since the outbreak, and approximately 612,000 people have been infected. Nearly half of the country’s population, 164 million people, have already received the full vaccination schedule.

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