May 28, 2023

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Alejandro Neira acknowledges San Chillo: ‘Let Peru be at the forefront of the investigation’

Minister of Culture, Alejandro Neira, As stated in the report Chain The designation is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is at the forefront of Peruvian archeology.

In an interview with RPP Noticias for “La Rotativa del Aire”, Minister Neira spoke with Mabel Hortas and Jaime Cinza The importance of the recognition of the archaeological site Sangilo By United Nations agency And its contribution to humanity.

“This is a gift for two centuries,” the culture minister said. “This recognition allows us to be at the forefront of research on Peruvian archaeological issues,” he explained.

Sangilo It’s a place where you can see the changes of the seasons, the solstices, the tides, and it shows that the Peruvians had a technology and creativity two thousand years ago, which is more than this kind of knowledge in the world, ”he added.

With this recognition, the Minister explained Archaeological Complex Sangilo Joins the list The World Heritage of Mankind Adds a total of thirteen in Peru.

“(Chainlio) joins the twelve of us. The holy city of Caroline and Kabak Khan were the last we had, but there are also historical centers like Sawan, Nazca, Lima and Arequipa, San Chan and Machu Picchu,” he explained.

Sunkilo Tourism

Neira also highlighted the vast tourism potential of Ankash, in the north of the country where Kanma is located, as there are various archeological sites that visitors can visit in a single day.

“This will give more visibility to the north of Lima. I think it will create great anticipation for Peruvians who have the opportunity to go,” the minister said, stressing the need to establish tourism circuits that would allow the solar system to appreciate the rotation of the stars.

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“The biggest attraction Chain It’s about finding the date of the solstice and the sunrise or trying to go to different times of the year, where one can see the changes and how the sun appears between the towers, ”he said.

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