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Alejandra Fernández: What does the daughter who adopted Vicente Fernández do? குகிடா | Mexico | MX | Celebrities nnda nnlt | Performances

Death , Which took place on Sunday, December 12, 2021, has shocked the Spanish-speaking world. With a career of more than five decades, ‘charro de Huentitán’ became one of the most important figures in the music scene, with thousands of followers today mourning his departure.

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The family of Vicente Fernandez is going through the most difficult period in which they lived as a dynasty. The departure of the Mexican singer has left a huge void in his family womb, but everyone is calm in the face of pain. The truth is that within the inner circle of the Mexican statue the union is stronger than ever.

Undoubtedly, the eyes of the media are on Vicente Fernandez’s family: his wife Maria del Repugio Abarca Villacenor, “Kukita” and their three children: Vicente, Gerardo and Alejandro, joined by the couple’s adopted daughter, Alejandro. who is she? Here we say.

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The fourth daughter of Alejandra Vicente Fernandez and Donna Cuquita (photo: Vicente Fernandez / Instagram)

Who was the adopted daughter of Alejandra, Vicente Fernandez?

Vicente Fernández married María del Refugio Abarca Villaseor, “Cuquita” in 1963. The couple had 4 children by marriage: Vicente Fernández Jr., Gerardo Fernández, Alejandro Fernández and Alejandra Fernández, the last to adopt one. Born of something.

Alejandro Fernandez, the fourth daughter of Vicente Fernandez and Dona Cuquita. She was adopted by the couple a few days after she was born. She grew up with her brothers, but, unlike them, the young woman did not want to be a part of the entertainment world, so she stayed away. According to Mexican magazines, he is dedicated to the fashion industry and has no children.

According to PubliMetro, Alejandra Fernandez is the daughter of the singer’s wife’s sister. In the absence of daughters, the couple adopted the girl as a member of the Fernandez dynasty. He grew up with his three famous siblings.

“Alejandra is the daughter of my wife’s sister Gloria. Alejandra’s story, I do not know, is 40 days old, so on my birthday, I came to live in Guadalajara and she left that woman with me, ”the Mexican statue said in an interview some time ago.

“He left her. I played with her until she fell asleep. Then he put her in the crib and told her to ‘sleep now’ and they fell asleep. With that, they beat me up,” singer Alejandra revealed of how she came to be in her life.

Vicente Fernandez added that when Alejandra was four years old, her biological mother tried to return to the girl’s life. Vicente and Alejandra were victims at the time, so her sister-in-law decided that the girl should be in the care of Fernandez.

“My nephews are like my sisters, so she saw that I was suffering so much that she brought her back to me and told me to keep her,” Vicente added.

Vicente Fernández’s family is very high in the media. From his music to all his controversies, they are something that should always be talked about. Unlike his siblings, Alejandra is a distractor and far removed from public family conflicts.

Regarding Alejandra’s low profile in the entertainment world, she said that “El Charro de Huntidon” was good and that she only wanted to be seen as ‘the daughter of Vicente Fernandez’.

“Since they do not want to marry the daughter of Vicente Fernandez, I told him that they should marry Alejandra Fernandez to see him better. I told him: ‘I would rather see you as a widow than get married badly,’ he said in an interview with Mexican media.

It is also known that Alejandra and Vicente had a very close relationship. In May 2014, the Mexican idol was very happy to come to the aisle with her daughter. During the event, he was interviewed by various media outlets in which he said he was very happy for his little Alejandra.

“After two years of dating, I’m glad to see my daughter, she’s happy. We are alone, but we carry them in our hearts. We ask the Lord to make it beautiful. He will behave well like his mother, so let him have a lasting marriage. I gave her dinner, she was small, I give her everything she wants. That’s why I worked for my children, ”he told reporters.

Alejandra Fernandez is very reserved and has a low profile compared to her other three siblings. According to the Mexican press, the daughter of Vicente Fernandez is a fan of fashion events. He is currently working on a Mexican bag design project.

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