December 8, 2021

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Alan Garcia: Suspicious Pandora Papers Receives US $ 14 Million from Ex-President’s Friend

Miguel Adala Herrera admitted to authorities Former President Alan Garcia has used a foreign company to triangulate illegal Odebrecht money. This is the investment of Panamanian Ammar. However, to seize bribes from a Brazilian construction company, Atla Ammar’s investment was to be implemented with the financial assistance of another maritime company, Kohar & Cohar, based in the British Virgin Islands.

Reporters from International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), and its associates found the documents on the newspaper portal Kanwoka Trishul Foundation It confirms the version provided by Miguel Atala about how Odebrecht agreed to exchange money with former President Garcia.

The defense of the Garcia Norse family claims that Atala lied to officials and that it was not true that Odebrecht bribed the former head of state. But the Pandora documents, the ICIJ and the Kanwoka research project, through which they accessed the files of the Trident Trust – the marine management company that sold Coher & Coher to Miguel Adala – They contain information that matches what Alan Garcia’s close friend said.

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According to Trident Trust documents, the sea Coher & Coher De Miguel Adala was first purchased in 1997 and It was then moved from the British Virgin Islands to Florida in the United States in 2002. Then something did not seem to happen.

In 2007, Before Garcia completed the first year of his second term, Atala re-registered Coher & Coher in the British Virgin Islands.

Louis Nava Guybert as Minister of Production at the end of the second government of Alan Garcia Perez. Photo: Republic.

Incidentally, in 2007, Garcia’s private secretary Louis Nava Coubert asked him if he could act as a lawyer for Ammar’s investment firm. This is a Panamanian coastal company set up by Odebrecht, who opened an account in his name Private Bank of Andorra. Odebrecht used another leading company, Kleinfeld Services, to convert bribes into Ammer’s investment.

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For this reason, Nava asked Atala to manage Ammar’s investment in the sea in the shade. Atala received Five transfers for a total of $ 1,312,000, according to his report, he paid Alan Garcia between US $ 20,000 and US $ 50,000.

To start Ammar’s investment, Atala used its coastal cohort & cohort, from which it deposited $ 10,000. This data is very important.

Odebrecht’s transfers through Kleinfeld Services continued after Adalah’s initial US $ 10,000 transfer from Coher & Coher. However, attorneys for the Lava Jato Special Group told Convoca that they had discovered the presence of Coher & Coher. It grossed about $ 14 million, the origin of which is uncertain. Officers are in the process To determine if the money received from the offshore ammunition investment managed by Atala to seize the bribe from Odebrecht is illegal.

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Although Pandora Papers Please confirm the version Chapter How he participated in the triangle of bribery, in which the investment of the sea urchin and the intervention of the cohort & cohort, the protection of the Garcia family He told La Replica that the documents did not prove that Atala had given illegal Odebrecht money to former President Garcia.

“It has been confirmed that this money is going to Atala and Nava. According to documents provided by Odebrecht, it was confirmed that the money was for Atala and Nava. What has not been proven, it will not be proven in our opinion, this money was given to Alan Garcia, “the family’s lawyer argued. Garcia Norse, Erasmo Raina.

” The misrepresentation of the money to the accounts owned by Nava and Atala and the purpose of that money was confirmed. Two more characters have declared that he is destined for Garcia in order to preserve their skin and freedom. But that has not been confirmed in any press conference or in any process. Nor is it in the matter of money laundering that is being pursued against or against Mrs. Pilar. Cheeseman. Domain loss is not in the process either. Not even in the phone capture process. It has not been proven in any process that the path of that money ended in Alan Garcia, Except for the reports of Nava and Atala, made in the framework of gaining their independence. But so far they have not tried it, ”Raina said.

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Yes, the confessions of two close friends of Alan Garcia, Nava and Adala, acknowledge that the money belonged to the former head of state. Talented Odebrecht staff have said the same. Pandora’s documents confirm that Atala received the funds.

Garcia, Nava and Atta triangle

In 2018, Louis Nava asked Miguel Atala to manage Amshar’s investment portfolio To receive bribes OdebrechtAlan Garcia was appointed vice president Petroper, A position he held until 2011.

Close connection between Garcia, Nava and Atala Documented. In 2003, they formed the Social Democratic Association. In 2004, Nava and Adala formed an employment agency. Atala del Boss is also a partner in the Consortio Periodostigo, which publishes the daily Del Pai, which had a bad relationship with Alan Garcia.

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An investigation by Andorran officials following the Lava Jato scandal found that Andorra’s private bank was operating in conjunction with Odebrecht. He also made transfers to Miguel Atala.

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