May 28, 2023

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“If the United States Army is a sports team, based on its combat record, it will be in the lower divisions.”. Accurate analogy Harlon Woolman, former naval officer. , Expert defense consultant and author of the book “The Anatomy of Failure”, analyzes why, after World War II, his country’s military successes were minimal, taking into account its unparalleled power in terms of weapons, technology and personnel.

What happened this week Another definite example of that. The most costly war that began 20 years ago to defeat Taliban, Who gave refuge to Osama bin Laden, was able to regain control of the country by the same Taliban.

Even if the army withdraws Already scheduled for August 31, even the most pessimistic would not have anticipated the brutal progress of fundamentalists in recent weeks.

Identity: Worked in Kabul and met the outgoing President of Peru and Afghanistan

Dramatic scenes of people trying to board planes at Kabul airport, others dying in landing gear or falling from the air are testament to the horror of many staying in a country controlled by fundamentalists.

46 years ago, after the fall of Saigon, South Vietnamese were also frustrated. In his best and most failed battles, United States It handed over control of Vietnam to the Communists.

The wounds inflicted on the Americans by that war have not yet been healed and subsequent presidents have promised that history will never happen again. But, almost a century later, the army returns to their country with another defeat.

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More than 58,000 American soldiers died in the Vietnam War, which failed to defeat the Communists.

Unusual wars

Why did the world’s most affluent country not win the wars it waged? The answers are many and they are not simple.

“We are still stuck with the view that war is like a Super Bowl: we meet on the court, both teams wear uniforms, we score points, one team wins and you go home when the game is over. This is not war now.” Comments to Dominic Tyrney, a professor at Swartmore College and author of several books on the American Wars.

“The nature of the wars and conflicts it considered United States That has changed, because they had the knowledge to face the states before and to do so; But now they face terrorists or guerrillas. This is what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan And Libya, where they invaded without knowing what they were getting. “, Explains Trade Sylvana Amaya, a Colombian political scientist, is a senior analyst at the Control Risk Consulting.

Identity: “Tomb of Empires”: How the world’s most powerful forces have been defeated in Afghanistan over the past 180 years

Norberto Barreto, a history teacher and professor at PUCP, shared a similar view: “On Afghanistan They are engaged in an invincible war, which is a global war on terror. How do you measure whether you win or lose? “.

United States It can be very useful in identifying the reasons for engaging or interfering in a country, but often without understanding the context of the communities. They have a very Western perspective on understanding the structural issues of these communities. “ Controls Risks Crisis and Security Advisory Director Andres Science says.

“Not only that,” he adds. United States From a strategic point of view, it is not very effective in determining what the outcome of these conflicts will be.

Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, US troops quickly gained control of Baghdad.  In the photo, the statue of Saddam Hussein is demolished.  Selectors
Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, US troops quickly gained control of Baghdad. In the photo, the statue of Saddam Hussein is demolished. Selectors

Imposed democracy

It is precisely in the process of exiting that they become entangled. After the invasion Afghanistan Iraq, for example, came as a result of rebuilding the occupied country and restructuring accordingly. ‘American way of life’. Were the majority of Iraqis and Afghans interested in becoming a Western society by American or European standards? Years and show no spilled blood.

So, this is a worse political reading than military defeats. United States These processes began in the Philippines in the early 20th century, but you no longer export democratic systems. It does not matter whether the motives are good or bad, but America will become an aggressive force and it will create opposition. Many Taliban battles are no longer necessary for religious or political reasons, but they must expel the invading army from their country.Barreto adds.

This August 19 photo shows Taliban militants patrolling the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan.  (Photo: AB / Rahmat Gul)
This August 19 photo shows Taliban militants patrolling the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo: AB / Rahmat Gul)

Science also points out that this goal of rebuilding a new nation has failed Americans. They tried to bring the formula of democracy to countries in need of deep restructuring, but it did not respond to the ideology of adopting the Western democratic model. TO United States The idea of ​​creating various alternatives to help build a nation and institutions, all representing things like creating political parties and establishing conditions for a functioning state failed. Nonetheless, they insisted on promoting it. Iraq and Afghanistan They are proof that it failed. “

However, the look is not so negative. “Everything is not bad. One sees longevity Afghanistan He was 51 in 2001 and rose to 64 in 2019. There have been advances in women’s empowerment and women’s education, but trying to establish these Western democratic ideas in different countries is too politically costly. “, Considers Amaya.

Identity: Afghanistan: The story of the only Peruvian journalist to travel to the Middle East after 9/11

China, the next target

However, it is not so easy to point out that there were only failures United States, Determining a defeat is relative, taking into account that wars are no longer routine.

“Victory or defeat in wars is measured by whether or not those wars serve the purposes for which they were started. Now, the goal of war is AfghanistanIn response to the 9/11 attacks, there was no other terrorist attack in the country and it never happened again. They then invade and conquer Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. What’s next, it’s industry “ Barreto refers.

After departure Afghanistan, And despite the critical rains Its real purpose is to recognize the withdrawal already established by Donald Trump United States Heading Far Far East: China.

Although பிடன் He has stated that he has no intention of entering into any other battle and that the rivalry with the Asian giant is joined by chips instead of bullets. Cybersecurity and trade war will create the next chapter in the history of American conflicts, and they hope they never go out the wrong door again.

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