June 7, 2023


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Afghanistan: Panic after Taliban fall in Kabul [VIDEO]

The Taliban They were in control Afghanistan This Monday, after President Ashraf Ghani left the country and accepted it The rebels won the 20-year war.

Scenes of panic lived in the capital Accept Rebels stormed the presidential palace on Sunday following the government’s rapid collapse.

Thousands of people tried to flee on Monday for fear of a harsher version of Islam Taliban, When chaos shots Crowds flocked to the airport.

The perimeter of the airport is guarded by US forces Accept The State Department said Sunday that the US embassy had been completely evacuated.

“All embassy staff are at the facilities of Hamid Karzai International Airport, the perimeter of which is guarded by the U.S. military,” said State Department spokesman Nate Price. The Taliban captured the capital Afghan

Taliban victory

President Ghani fled on Sunday as he was surrounded by rebels Accept, Seal a In which military victory Taliban They captured all the major Afghan cities in just 10 days.

“The Taliban They won by the verdict of their swords and weapons and now they are responsible for the dignity, possession and self-defense of their country, ‚ÄĚConnie said in a message on Facebook.

For his part, co-founder TalibanAbdul Gani Bharat, also declared the success of the movement. “Now we have to show that we can serve our nation and ensure security and well-being,” Bhardwar said in a video.

Government forces collapsed after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 without the support of US forces that invaded the country and defeated the Taliban in support of Al Qaeda.

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The United States has failed to form an opposition democratic government TalibanDespite investing billions of dollars and providing military support for two decades.

President Joe Biden has vowed to withdraw troops from his country by the end of this month, insisting he “will not send this war to another president.”

Rapid decline

But the rapid collapse of the Afghan state Washington was stunned. U.S. officials insist there will be no panic outbreak like Saigon in 1975, but U.S. officials, their Afghan allies and other residents fled Monday Accept.

The United States has sent 6,000 troops to the airport to evacuate embassy staff Afghans Who supported them as translators or in other activities.

Washington also issued a statement with more than 65 countries Taliban Allow them to leave Afghanistan and warn them to respond to any abuse.

(With information from AFP)

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