June 8, 2023


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Afghanistan | Najma Sadeki: Afghan YouTuber dies hours after saying goodbye to video | YouTube | Taliban | ISIS-K | Kabul | The world

Four days after Najima Sadeki sat on her bed and recorded a farewell video on her YouTube channel, the Taliban announced victory in their home country. .

He was one of 168 victims of a suicide attack Kabul Airport Done by Islamic State.

Identity: Afghanistan: News anchor surrounded by armed Taliban [VIDEO]

The YouTube A 20-year-old who reads the newspaper, he was recently selected to train his career on the Afghan Insider news channel. Sadiq He grew up in a completely different country that saw him come Taliban. It was a very open and tolerant community. In his videos, he showed recipes or recorded moments with his friends in Kabul.

In his latest video Web light, Which is no longer available, the young woman said goodbye to her disciples. “Since we were not allowed to work and leave our homes, we all had to post a video last (…) And I say goodbye to everyone with this video“, He promised.

The young woman told her audience that she had her Afraid to go out Also asked to pray for him, according to CNN, who approached the video.

“Life in Kabul has become very difficult, especially for those who were free and happy.”, Said. In turn, he denounced his country’s critical economic situation: “Most families in the city now expect to live one day (per day).”

In the presence of the extremist group Afghanistan, young lady The phone began to receive threats Daily. Also, text messages from strangers who were against her being a public figure and showing her face in her videos. Fear of persecution made him want to leave the country.

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I wish it was a nightmare and wish we had to wake up one day“, The young woman said in her video.

On Thursday, August 26, Najma addressed the gathering Kabul Airport Leaving the country with hundreds of other Afghans sees immigration as their only escape. He carried threatening text messages to encourage Americans to allow him to board the plane.

However, that bomb Exploded at the airport He died that day. In the same explosion, her brother and her cousin who came with her died.

She dreamed of growing a career in media with the challenges she facedYouTube’s older sister Fresta told the media.


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After the Taliban came to power, uncertainty and lack of control continued to grow across Afghanistan, especially among women in that country, as they would lose the rights they had acquired in recent years.

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