May 21, 2022

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Afghanistan: Joe Biden says US troops can stay in Kabul after August 31 Taliban | The world

Chairman of , , Said Wednesday that U.S. forces could stay After August 31, the deadline for the withdrawal of all international forces was set.

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In an interview with ABC News, பிடன் The door was opened to extend the withdrawal of the army beyond August 31, setting a deadline for all international forces to leave.

“If the Americans are still there, we’ll stay until they’m all out.” The president said in an interview with ABC News that he presented a statement before it was fully aired on Wednesday.

பிடன்However, he made it clear that his intention was to complete the evacuations before August 31, but if that was not possible, “at that time” it would be decided who would be evacuated and what the troops would do.

Speaking of the possibility of expanding the US military presence, பிடன் He only mentioned the need to expel American citizens and did not talk about Afghanistan, which has worked with their country’s troops for the past 20 years.

According to the ruler, there is still inside Afghanistan Between 10,000 and 15,000 Americans need to be expelled, with an additional 50,000 and 65,000 wanting to expel Afghanistan and their families from the United States.

The Taliban seized control of Kabul last Sunday, with its militants entering the capital unopposed, with almost all provinces under their control, far after the flight of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

The day before, on August 14, in the face of the Taliban’s rapid advance, the United States hastened the expulsion of its diplomatic staff, U.S. citizens and their Afghan allies.

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About 5,000 people have been expelled from Afghanistan so far United StatesWhile U.S. officials want to speed up that pace, Chief of Defense Staff General Mark Millie said Wednesday.

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