May 19, 2022

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Afghanistan: At least 24 California students and their parents stranded in Afghanistan after a holiday trip US | Kabul | Taliban | Taliban | The world

At least 24 students and 16 Southern California parents are trapped After a summer vacation trip to own that country, local media broke the news on Wednesday.

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The Cajon Valley Integrated School District in El Cajon, California, Reports that 24 young people and their parents are among the thousands of people waiting to leave the Asian country amid the chaos caused by the withdrawal of US troops. .

40 residents California They have visas for U.S. military service, Cajon Valley Superintendent David Miyashiro explained via text message to school district board members Tuesday.

The families of the students said they were concerned that the minors would lose their place in the schools, so they reported the situation to the school authorities and they took the necessary action.

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The supervisor added that the newspaper was able to provide information about the families to officials in the administration of President Joe Biden, who is tasked with locating the children and their families.

The school official said he was encouraged by the assistance provided by the government.

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He also confirmed that he had held a virtual meeting with federal representative Darrell Issa to tell them the situation of the families who should have arrived weeks ago.

Students study in different schools Cajon Valley School District, Which has 28 campuses.

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Tamara Odero, chairwoman of the Cajon Valley School Board, warned that families had tickets to fly from Afghanistan, but unfortunately they could not get to the airport.

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“It simply came to our notice then Taliban They closed the airport. ” Odero told the newspaper.

“We care a lot about our students who are stuck there. We will do everything we can to get them out.”He added.

Classes began on Aug. 17 in the Cajon Valley, which is owned by San Diego County, when students were expected to arrive in the country.

The White House said on Tuesday that about 100 planes from the United States and other international allies involved in the war in Afghanistan had taken about 19,000 people from Kabul.

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