March 22, 2023

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Afghanistan: 29 restrictions and mistreatment of women by the Taliban regime The world

After two decades of war, the Taliban came to power On Sunday, something that worries the community in that country, but mainly women: It is feared that they may lose the rights they have acquired in recent years, according to the UN refugee agency, eighty percent of the displaced are women and children.

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In this context, the Women’s Revolutionary Association of Afghanistan (RAWA) has released a list of 29 sanctions that they must adhere to in advance. Taliban. It is the oldest political and social organization of Afghan women. As they explain, “They are fighting for peace, freedom, democracy and women’s rights in Afghanistan, which has been ravaged by fundamentalism since 1977.”

Here are 29 restrictions and misconduct for women by the Taliban:

1- Absolute ban on female work Outside their homes, Which also applies to teachers, engineers and other professionals. Only a few female doctors and nurses are allowed to work in some hospitals in Kabul.

2- Absolute ban on any kind of activity of women outside the homeIf they are not with their mahram (male intimate relationship as father, brother or husband).

3- Prohibition Women from concluding contracts with male traders.

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4- Prohibition From women receiving treatment by male doctors.

5- Girls are not allowed to study in schools, Universities or any other educational institution (the Taliban have turned girls’ schools into religious seminars).

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6- Requirements for women Wear a long veil (burqa) that covers them from head to toe.

7- Beating, beating and verbal abuse Against women who do not dress according to Taliban rules or against women who are not with their mahram.

8- Whip in general Against women who do not cover the ankles.

9- General stoning Against women accused of having sex outside of marriage (numerous lovers are stoned to death under this rule).

10- Prohibition of the use of cosmetics (Fingers of many women with painted nails were amputated).

Women wearing burqas pass a billboard on the wall of a beauty salon in Kabul on August 7, 2021.

11- Prohibition Women should talk or shake hands with men other than the mahram.

12- Prohibition Women should laugh out loud (strangers should not hear a woman’s voice).

13- Prohibition Women wear shoes with heels that can make noise when walking (a man can not hear a woman’s footsteps).

14- Prohibition Women want to ride a taxi without their mahram.

15- Prohibition Women should be present on the radio, television or in public meetings.

16- Prohibition Girls play games or enter any sports center or club.

17- Women are not allowed to cycle Or motorcycles, even with their mahrams.

18- Women are not allowed to wear brightly colored clothes. According to the Taliban, these are “sexually attractive colors.”

19- Prohibition Women gather at festivals for entertainment purposes.

On August 7, 2021 in Kabul, a woman wearing a burqa walks with a sack over her head.
On August 7, 2021 in Kabul, a woman wearing a burqa walks with a sack over her head.

20- Prohibition Women should wash clothes in rivers or public squares.

21- Change of full street naming And squares containing the word “female”. For example, the “women’s garden” is now called the “spring garden”.

22- Prohibition From the girls leaning on the balcony.

23- Mandatory opacity Women cannot see out of the house through all the windows.

24- Prohibition For tailors to measure women and sew women’s clothes.

25- Prohibition Access for women to public toilets.

26- Prohibition Women and men have to travel on the same bus. Buses are now divided into “men only” or “women only”.

27- Prohibition Wide trousers, even if they are worn under a burqa.

28- Prohibition To photograph or photograph women.

29- Prohibition Pictures of women printed in magazines and books, or hung on the walls of houses and shops.

A Taliban militant stands guard at a checkpoint in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on August 17, 2021.  (EFE / EPA / STRINGER).
A Taliban militant stands guard at a checkpoint in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on August 17, 2021. (EFE / EPA / STRINGER).

Other barriers beyond women:

– Both women and men are forbidden to listen to music.

– Watching movies, TV and videos is prohibited.

– The celebration of the traditional New Year (Navros) on March 21 has been banned. The Taliban have declared the holiday pagan.

They have rejected International Labor Day (May 1) because it has been dubbed a “communist” holiday.

– They have ordered that anyone with a non-Islamic name should change it.

– Afghan youth forced to shave their heads.

– They command men to wear Islamic clothing and to wear a hat.

– They command that they should not shave or cut their beard, which should grow long enough to fit in a fist under the chin.

They command that everyone should attend the five daily prayers in the mosques.

– The care of pigeons and the training of birds is prohibited, which they describe as un-Islamic activities. Violators of this rule are imprisoned and the birds must die. Kite flying is also banned.

They force all spectators and athletes to sing Allah-u-Akbar (God the Great) applause while cheering.


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