May 28, 2023

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Abby and Brittany Hensel: The story of the twins’ victory | USA | EC stories | The world

The world first met Abby and Brittany Hensley on March 7, 1990 in Minnesota. . It was his birthday and it was very close to the day he died. Or their deaths.

The Gemels Hensel Those born in a particular birth state: They Siamese Double head. They have two heads, but they share the same body.

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At birth the doctors did not give them much confidence in life because their little body had to make immeasurable effort to provide enough energy for both sisters. There was the recommendation of experts Separate them So that one of them can live a ‘normal’ life.

The truth is, both can die surgery Trying to separate them. The girls’ mother, Grandma Hensel, refused surgery.

She chose the lives of her daughters together before experiencing the pain of losing a woman.

Abby and Brittany Hensel.

Anyway, they came out well In the first year of their lives. After that, the parents of the younger children, Grandma and Mike Hensel, breathed a sigh of relief knowing that their children were beginning to grow up quietly.

Abby and Brittany have joined the two columns together Same waistThat is, they share their reproductive system, liver, large intestine and small intestine.

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Each has its own independent heart, arm and leg. His body has two stomachs, Two vertebrae And three lungs.

In summary: One and the rest of the functions are unique to both the excretory and reproductive system.

A story to deal with

When painting for a tragic story, the opposite happened: the Hensel sisters adapted to social and living conditions.

Abby and Brittany hold professional degrees from Bethel University in the United States.  (Photo: Instagram: by bbyandbrittany).
Abby and Brittany hold professional degrees from Bethel University in the United States. (Photo: Instagram: by bbyandbrittany).

They learned to agree in the usual chatter. When they have Two hands for two heads, Learned to distinguish who is responsible for the movements of each joint and at what time.

They started attending a local school from an early age, where they began to interact with other children of the same age, which was, above all, accepted by the community as a basic step for social and cognitive development.

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On the one hand, they were able to develop communication skills by interacting with more children, and on the other hand, they realized that there were unusual differences.

Those are not the best times for sisters HenselHowever, their first ‘contact with the world’ helped to create and prevent traits in the future Discrimination treatment Against him.

“Everyone does their job. When they take a test, they can be very easily deceived, but they don’t. Sometimes Abby makes a mistake, Britty won’t do it. It’s amazing.” The ‘El Boss’ newspaper from Spain quoted his kindergarten teacher in 1996.

They graduated from college beyond their elementary education.

They currently have a professional degree Bethel University With that they do the work teachers Mathematics at a local school.

Abby and Brittany hold professional degrees from Bethel University in the United States.  (Photo: Abigail and Brittany Hensel Facebook).
Abby and Brittany hold professional degrees from Bethel University in the United States. (Photo: Abigail and Brittany Hensel Facebook).

Adult life

Like anyone else, Sisters They go out to dinner, they meet their friends to go shopping, they have a private vehicle with which they go to work every day.

The collaboration between the two over these 31 years is clear, a time when they received a serious sense of opinion that ends with each other’s opinions when they give a lecture.

They both deal with their money as they choose to embark on their play activities.

“As we gain more experience, we would like to have a little more discussion, taking into account that we have two degrees and we can offer two different perspectives or teach in two different ways,” he said. They mentioned this in a conversation with the BBC News Network.

“One can be a teacher and the other a supervisor and responder to questions, so we can do more than one person in that aspect.”. They added.

After all, they feel very different in their daily lives. It is sometimes, for example, arguing about the style of clothing they are going to wear for the day.

We definitely have different styles. Brittany has a very neutral taste and pearls and things like that, I want something more fun, Bright and colorful, we always agree on what to wear depending on the day.Abby told the aforementioned media.

The Hensel sisters were able to take advantage of the opportunities that life gave them and lead a normal adult life.

They have become the benchmark in the struggle to recognize people with disabilities and have laid the foundation for a strong enrollment policy that provides decent living conditions for this population in the United States.

On the other hand, it is a medical record because some cases of Siamese live for many years. This type of case occurs every 200 thousand births in the world, leaving 50 percent of the death balance, according to estimates of specialized portals.

Not much is known about the Hansel sisters after the big media hype they had a few years ago. Currently They were removed from the public eye, however, and it is known that they continued their careers as teachers.


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