January 24, 2022


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A hurricane in December? Rare due to climate change

More than 30 hurricanes hit 6 states last Friday night To us, Leaving dozens of deaths, an exception that experts attribute to climate change.

According to data from the National Office for Marine and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The average number of hurricanes that caused landslides Kentucky One December between 1991 and 2010 it was zero.

And inside Tennessee Same number, one in Illinois and one inside Arkansas It’s only two and a dozen in the whole country.

These four states are, so far, focused on the list of deaths caused by the hurricane on Friday, with four confirmed deaths. Tennessee, Six in Illinois, one in Arkansas and more than 70 scary in Kentucky.

Friday night was very unique, in addition to the number and latitude, the force that caused the hurricane landslide. Missouri Y Mississippi.

The hurricane is expected to hit four states on Friday Mayfield City (Kentucky), Where 70 people were trapped in the ruins of a candle factory and traveled hundreds of kilometers.

Governor Kentucky, Andy Beshear, who created the hurricane landslide and promised to stay up to 227 miles (365 kilometers), which was the longest distance since there were records in the United States.

If Bessier’s fears the final death toll could exceed 100, then Friday will be one of the deadliest and deadliest in the country. Kentucky.

What is a tornado?

A hurricane is formed when cold air collides with hot, humid air and pushes it down, and when hot air rises, it spins and forms an overflow. National Center for Atmospheric Research.

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More importantly, states with temperatures near zero degrees Celsius generally have hot and humid air at this time of year.

For this reason, hurricane numbers are low during the winter months and those that exist are concentrated in nearby states. Gulf Mexico, December with mild weather, but not inland or in the north.

“This is one of the most shocking weather events in my 40 years as an astronomer – a violent hurricane (in December!),” Meteorologist Jeff Masters tweeted.

John Gordon, meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s forecast office in Louisville (Kentucky), Described what happened in the state as a “perfect storm” that combines the cold season with warm air.

“Bad weather happened. In the cold season, hot air at midnight,” Gordon said of the collision between the cold air mass of the anticyclone moving eastward with hot air that raised the temperature to 26 degrees on Friday in the neighborhood. Memphis (Tennessee), after a few hours it will be only 1 degree above zero.

In this regard, meteorologist Craig Ceecee said in a tweet that the cause of “such a massive” hurricane in December was “the atmosphere did not know it was December”. EFE

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