September 26, 2022

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A 16-year-old Peruvian boy entered ten major international universities

A 16-year-old Peruvian boy entered 10 foreign universities. (GEC)

A new pride for Cusco. Gabriela Aguero Munoz A fifth-year high school student at a Cusco school, she has achieved a major feat in her school years: Get into 10 international universities.

A 16-year-old boy has decided to study Law In some universities abroad, that is why, when he was 15 years old, he began to investigate study houses that offered this degree abroad.

Thus, from last year, the student admission work started At 25 universities around the world. Two study institutions rejected his application because of his young age, but that circumstance did not change his goal, which was to study law abroad. His chosen professions were mainly law, but his interests also included political science and business administration.

The top student from Cusco has already at least received her admission letter 10 Famous Universities:

United Kingdom:

De Montfort University Leicester

University of York

University of Liverpool

Birmingham City University, England

London South Bank University

University of the West of England

San Diego State University America

Tokyo International University Japan

at the University of Lisbon Portugal

at ETH Zurich Swiss

Y He is still awaiting the results of his admission process in 13 coursesLike Columbia and Harvard

Gabriela Aguero Muñoz has not yet decided on one of the universities she will enter, but she said she likes it the most. University of York. “The law school there would suit my personality because I am a very talkative and talkative person. The lawyers they produce are lawyers and go to court, but another strong choice is the University of Zurich, the seventh best university in the world,” he told the newspaper in an interview. Trade.

York University was his favorite.  (GEC)
York University was his favorite. (GEC)

Through her social networks, the young student He thanked his family and those who believed in his dreams. “In the past few months it has been a tremendous blessing to be accepted to 9 universities around the world and to be able to share that with the people I love because we did it together. I was a very happy girl, with the best lunch boxes in the room and endless things to say, naughty or unsettled, but blessed, we always had everything,” she said.

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Gabriella These indicate that ‘First 9’ and “If life is a dream, this is mine”

I have the best mother in the world, the most intelligent womanIt always inspired me to respect what’s in my brain and do well with what’s in my heart. My father taught me patience, conversation and above all reason. To know that I must always be more intelligent, but more eloquent, so that I think they deserve it no less, and I believe I will give them more. And without fail to highlight those who believed in my dreams, they made me suffer and their voices echoed in my mind when I felt insecure,” the young lady thanked.

Admission Forms for Universities Abroad
Admission Forms for Universities Abroad

Meanwhile, Minor’s father doesn’t hesitate to tell him how proud he is of her. “I love you beautiful daughter, you know very well, life is just beginning for you, my ambition as a father is to prepare you and your sister to walk in their path, God support me. Do not hesitate and do not forget”.

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