February 7, 2023


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500K Bonus Link: Check with ID if you are a beneficiary and when to collect | Answers

Government of Announced a change of plan It was created due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the decree of Ivan Duque in the Presidency of Colombia, which provided subsidies to families living in poverty and extreme poverty, selected through the databases of Sispan and the Department of Social Welfare. .

500 thousand bonus: Who are the beneficiaries?

“We’re going to make the Unity Income Plan that Duke created during the pandemic and that ends this December 31st, the mother of the family, the mother alone, the one that’s left this year. Children and women, I can get $500,000 a month.”After promising that the source would come from the national budget, the President denied that the money would come from private pension funds.

He also said Three million non-pensionable seniors, heads of households and mothers who are public service drivers will benefit the most from the bonus.

How about the payout of 500k bonus?

According to the media, the subsidy will be disbursed through 3 pillars:

  • Pillar of Basic Unity: 500,000 pesos, half of the minimum wage, will be guaranteed to the three million poverty-stricken seniors without pensions.
  • Contributing pillar: All workers are required to contribute to co-pensions on the basis of one to four minimum wages, with the contribution guaranteeing a basic pension under the average premium regime. Within this, private funds will also step in, as the reform will give those with incomes above four minimum wages the freedom to decide where to allocate the surplus.
  • Complementary Voluntary Savings Pillar: In this, citizens who want to increase their pension can save in a voluntary fund.
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What is the payment date of 500k bonus?

According to a release published by Prosperidad Social Twitter, until December 7, the payments of households that are part of Group A Sisbén IV and value-adjusted old households started and from December 15, they will start for old unbanked households. get money