October 6, 2022


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3 Zodiac Signs That Will Have a Great Day on March 15, 2022

With the Moon moving into Virgo in preparation for the full moon in a few days, it becomes clear that it’s time to unleash the weight of what didn’t go according to plan.

It can be scored as a failure when things happen differently than you imagine.

Like things that go wrong when it’s just that they didn’t go according to plan.

This is where having that belief and faith in a greater person can help bring acceptance and peace with the unexpected twists and turns that may occur in life.

Today is a remarkably calm day astrologically, although we still see Mars and Venus Dance through Aquarius together.

You can feel anxious when you’re going through these quiet days, especially after all you’ve been through lately. However, they happen so that you can process and feel everything that happened.

If life continues to move quickly from one thing to another, there will be no space to move through the lessons and then change direction.

Today pause, one coming before Full Moon in Virgo In a few days.

While Virgo is known for planning and detail-oriented thinking, it is also a sign of healing and new beginnings.

Saturn hugs the Moon in the early morning hours, forcing you to somehow confront your feelings, but doing that is the only way you’ll go, to be honest about what you’re going through.