August 15, 2022

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2022 NFL Draft Simulation Report: New Name Enters Lions Mix at No. 2

2022 NFL Draft Simulation Report: New Name Enters Lions Mix at No. 2

With the second wave of free agency in books and 2022 NFL Draft Approaching incrementally, it makes sense to think that the focus of photo drafts will narrow as the lists get full. But this unexpected was nothing but expected and at times completely illogical.

In fact, I’m not sure I can remember a year in which it provided less clarity as to what teams could do at the top of the draft. Things have turned from Jacksonville Jaguars Taking a rushing dash, to take an offensive tackle, we’re back to them taking the reins, specifically Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson, to the Lions perhaps trading in one spot to recruit Hutchinson, and now the possibility of a Jaguar overtaking Hutchinson in favor of Travon Walker in Georgia.

far as the Detroit Lions And pick number 2, things remain cloudy too. Luckily Run last week on offensive tackle forecast He quickly vanished, but the quarterback’s expectations on the Lions skyrocketed, and a new name was introduced into the conversation on the edge from a respected local writer.

Let’s take a closer look at who will be featured on the Lions this week, starting with the #2 pick overall.

Jacksonville picks anyone but Aidan Hutchinson first overall, and the Lions picks…

This boiled down to what I think most people would expect. If Hutchinson was there, he sure was the pick. His combination of play style and personality makes a perfect net for Dan Campbell and the Lions coaching staff, and most believe Detroit will prioritize keeping the local potential client at home.

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That’s unless Lyons was so fond of Willis as the possibility that taking a quarterback for the future trumps all other positions. More on this in a moment.

Jacksonville takes Aidan Hutchinson #1 overall and picks Lions…

With Hutchinson off the plate, things are all over the place. Willis to the Lions idea is gaining more and more love, Hamilton still has plenty of supporters, Thibodeaux stock continues to drop, Walker continues to rise, and Birkett is adding Johnson’s name to the mix, despite realizing he’s “probably on an island with This choice.”

Birkett’s reasoning makes sense and is in line with many of my ideas, but we differ slightly on his final conclusion. I agree that Hutchinson remains the top target, Willis remains a risky choice for General Manager (Brad Holmes) who has a pattern to play it safe in the draft, and Hamilton’s place value His eyesight may be damaged. I also agree with Birkett’s assertion that Thibodeau’s fit with lions may not be as perfect as people previously thought.

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If the aforementioned players are out of the conversation, that leaves Johnson Walker as the top remaining runner-up, and it comes down to the style of play that this team prefers/needs to play. If you are looking for an edge bender, Johnson is your man. But if you’re looking for an athletic eccentric who has a knack for poses, you’ll probably lean toward Walker.

At the end of the day, there seem to be six logical choices for the Lions in second place, and at this point in time, no one has any idea which way this team is leaning – which is probably exactly what Holmes wants.

Focus quarterback

In addition to the seven analysts who believed Black could take Willis with pick No. 2, there were seven other analysts who believed Black would take the quarterback with either pick No. 32 or No. 34:

So, if you keep track of the math, that means that of the 23 mock drafts reviewed this week, 14 of them take black somewhere within the first 34 draft picks. That’s roughly a 60/40 split in favor of the Lions landing on a new signal sign.

The fan base is split when they want the Lions to pick a quarterback (if they have to draft one). Earlier this week, I presented Two dueling photo drafts, each showing the Lions picking a midfielder and safety with their picks in the first round, and asking fans to vote on which one is better. The results are broken down, roughly in the middle:

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Personally, I still think the Lions are not in an ideal position to grab a quarterback in this draft cycle, but I understand the logic of taking one now, and if they have to pick one, I want it to be the best possible. Maybe that means Willis is number two overall to me.

We turn to the midfielders expected to face the Lions with selection number 32.

Choose number 32 and 34

Trillon pyrexWR, Arkansas – Posted by Pete Briscoe (CBS Sports)
Christian WatsonWR, North Dakota – Posted by Damien Parson (Draft Network), Luke Easterling (wire draft)
George PickensWR, Georgia – Posted by Dave Burkett (Free Pre $$$), Chad Reuter (NFL.comNo. 34), Ryan Wilson (CBS SportsNo. 34)
Jordan DavisDT, Georgia – by Cam Mellor (Pro Football Network)
Travon WalkerEdge, Georgia – Posted by Sawyer Hicks (Draft ID)
David OgaboEdge, Michigan – Written by Derek Klassen (football strangers), Shane Hallam (Countdown Project)
George KarlavtisEdge, Bordeaux – By Josh Edwards (CBS Sports)
boy mafiEdge, Minnesota – Posted by Chad Reuter ( Mosher)game dayNo. 34), Ian Cummings (Pro Football Network, number. 34)
Devin LloydLP, Utah – Written by Ian Cummings (Pro Football Network)
Nakobe DinLB, Georgia – Posted by Daniel Jeremiah (
Damon ClarkLB, LSU – Posted by Dave Burkett (Free Pre $$$No. 34 – before injury)
Christian HarrisLP, Alabama – Written by Damien Parson (Draft NetworkNo. 34)
Duxton HillFS/DB, Michigan – Written by Nick Baumgardner (athlete, $), Nate Davis (USA TODAY), Chris Trapsow (CBS Sports)
Jaguan PrecareS, Pennsylvania – Written by Doug Farrar (landing wire)
Louis CinemaFS, Georgia – Written by Marcus Mosher (game day)

What the Lions do in picks #32 and 34 remains more of a mystery, but given how the top of the draft looks, it’s not surprising. What has remained constant are the combinations of positions the Lions are paired with: wide receiver, defensive line, linebacker and safety.

If the Lions can land Burks, Watson, or Pickens in one of these locations, this will likely be a win for the Lions, as they will secure their WR-X spot in the future, which is one of the big remaining needs when attacking.

I’m not sure there are any defensive lines for Georgia, but if there were any, they would be massive additions to the Lions front. What’s worth noting here is the quality of the rusher’s feature which most would expect to be available if the blacks overtake one of them in second place. Ogabo injured his Achilles and could miss a large part of the season (if he plays at all), Karalavtes The price is expected to go up a lot, especially Ogabo injured, and it will provide value, but it is a notable move from the big players. While Maffei became a hugely popular companion piece for drafting the second-placed midfielder. Mafi is an incredible athletebut he’s also very blunt and struggles to set the edge and get off the blocks, which would probably take him out of this team’s starting conversation.

These shots seem to be a great place for linebackers and security players, and it’s best if you add black with any of the options suggested above. Heck, they can have two, they have the capital project to get it done, and I’d be totally fine with it.