March 26, 2023

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▷ Patria System in December 2022: What bonuses will be collected this month and what are the new amounts? | Answers

The special bonus is one of the most important Provided by , a platform serving children, adolescents and the most vulnerable families in a country experiencing severe economic, humanitarian, social and political crisis. Sistema Patria has updated the bonus levels offered by the Garnet de la Patria. The grants for the month of December will be: “Hogares de la Patria”, “Humanized Childbirth”, “Breastfeeding” and “José Gregorio Hernandez”.

What are the bonuses offered by Systema Patria in December?

From Thursday, December 1st, bonus allocation for that month will begin, which will be deposited through the Patria system.

Bonuses related to December: “Hogares de la Patria”, “Humanized Childbirth”, “José Gregorio Hernandez”, “Breastfeeding”, “100% More Love” and special bonuses, Christmas including a subsidy given by attendance.

What is the new bonus amount of Systema Patria?

Government of Nicolás Maduro This Thursday, December 1, another one was delivered Revision of social security schemes and bond amountsIt is provided by the Patria system.

  • 1 Member BS
  • 2 members of “Hogares de la Patria” BS. 33.00 or 3 dollars
  • “Hogares de la Patria” of 3 members Bs. 49.50 or 4.5 dollars
  • 4-member “Hogares de la Patria” PS. 66.00 or 6 dollars
  • “Hogares de la Patria” of 5 members BS. 82.50 or 7.4 dollars
  • “Hogares de la Patria” with 6 or more members PS. 99.00 or 9 dollars

Other Bonuses:

  • “Humanized Childbirth”: PS. 66.00 or 6 dollars
  • “breast milk”: BS. 66.00 or 6 dollars
  • “Jose Gregorio Hernandez”: BS. 49.50 or 4.5 dollars
  • “Family Economics”: BS. 33 or 3 dollars
  • “100% Schooling”: Bs. 26.40 and Bs. 33. (2.4 and 3 dollars per student).
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What is Venezuela’s Patria System?

The Home system A site that was created four years ago Nicolás Maduro To distribute various allowances, grants, social benefits or bonuses awarded by his mandate to the most needy people of his country living in vulnerable situations as a result of various crises plaguing the country.

The Home system Related to the Cornet de la Patria, an identity card created in 2017, according to media such as El Pais in Spain, Nicolás Maduro Wants to become a new ID card.

Chavismo asserts that at least 18 million People of Venezuela are already registered in Home systemAccording to analysts, this could be simple propaganda, or it could be due to the fact that Venezuelans expect to receive some state bonuses that are randomly distributed, meaning some get them and others don’t, and no one knows exactly what the logic at work is. .

In this mechanism created to distribute payments, one must also add complexity that is not for everyone Venezuela Given that the majority of beneficiaries are elderly, digital dominant and opposed to the succession of the late president, they do not have a cell phone or a popular national identity card. Venezuela Hugo Chavez, Nicolás Maduro.

Some media said that Home system, those outside the platform, for example, receive 1,800,000 bolivars per month in their bank accounts, equivalent to half a cent in dollars; However, registrants receive an additional bonus of three million bolivars called the “bonus against economic warfare.”

The Home system A baseless effort Venezuela And it’s more virtual than most People of Venezuela They depend on eating and, according to European media, Chavismo was able to create a database with socioeconomic information on the population benefiting from social programs, such as conducting surveys and identifying suspected cases of COVID-19.

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to highlight from Home systemThey are almost all public sector employees except pensioners VenezuelaThey receive a roughly weekly or monthly bonus that often doubles or triples their salary.

Finally, it is important to remember Home system It was first used in December 2019 to pay the Christmas bonus to the entire public sector in cryptocurrency. Nicolás Maduro, Petros. However, many are unable to use it due to failures in the transition and problems with virtual wallets that are not accepted by all businesses and currently do not exist. Venezuela.