November 28, 2022

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▷ How to know if special bonus will be given in November by Patria System? | Answers

The special bonus is one of the most important Provided by , a platform serving children, adolescents and the most vulnerable families in a country experiencing severe economic, humanitarian, social and political crisis. That is why in this note we will tell you what will happen with this benefit this November, in addition to other information you need to know about this social support.

Will there be a special bonus in November?

The independent media noted that special bonuses paid by the Patria system will be paid occasionally, and there is no official payment date yet. Venezuela Pitaso.

The communication media mentions and recommends that users who want to inquire about special bonuses in November to regularly review the Bonos Sociales Twitter account, which is dedicated to the frequent publication of information about the site, which will be announced in the coming days or weeks. Special bonus date from November.

In addition, on the same official sites VenezuelaUsers are requested to be careful with the official information regarding securities and information published on Patria blog to avoid falling into misinformation.

What is Venezuela’s Patriarchal System?

The Home system A site that was created four years ago Nicolás Maduro To distribute various allowances, grants, social benefits or bonuses awarded by his mandate to the most needy people of his country living in vulnerable situations as a result of various crises afflicting the country.

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The Home system It is related to the National Identity Card, an identity card created in 2017, according to media such as El País de España. Nicolás Maduro Wants to become a new ID card.

Chavismo asserts that at least 18 million People of Venezuela are already registered in Home systemAccording to analysts, this could be simple propaganda, or it could be due to the fact that Venezuelans are waiting to receive some bonuses from Venezuela that are distributed randomly, that is, some people get them, others don’t, and nobody really knows. The logic of the task.

In this mechanism created to distribute payments, we must add complexity that is not available to everyone Venezuela Given that the majority of beneficiaries are elderly, digital dominant and anti-successors of the late president, they do not have a cell phone or a popular country card. Venezuela Hugo Chavez, Nicolás Maduro.

Some media said that Home system, those outside the platform, for example, receive 1,800,000 bolivars per month in their bank accounts, the equivalent of half a dollar cent; However, registrants receive an additional bonus of three million bolivars called the “bonus against economic warfare.”

The Home system A baseless effort Venezuela And it is a virtual of many People of Venezuela They depend on eating and, according to European media, Chavismo was able to create a database with socioeconomic information on beneficiaries of social programs.

to highlight from Home systemApart from their pensioners, all public sector workers of the country are registered on this site. VenezuelaRoughly, they get a weekly or monthly bonus that often doubles or triples their salary.

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Finally, it is important to remember Home system The cryptocurrency was first used in December 2019 to pay Christmas bonuses to the entire public sector. Nicolás Maduro, Petros. However, many people have not been able to use it due to conversion failures and problems with the virtual wallet, which is currently not accepted by all stores. Venezuela.