How To Lose Your Money In The Forex Market



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How To Lose Your Money In The Forex Market

27.09.2007 18:54 Thursday

Recently Forex trading has become one of the most widely spread activities for those who want to make money by trading the markets. The currency markets have many characteristics that make them very attractive to most traders. Mainly, the currency markets are high volume markets with a live trading activity that embraces most of the week and around the clock. Besides most trades are commission free, it offers a huge leverage (100 x 1) and forex is easily accessible by using an internet platform provided by the forex broker you decide to use.

But as simple as it may look when you first approach forex trading, the truth is that becoming profitable in trading is not easy. But before you get scared and decide to forget about forex trading, there is also one more truth: the markets are understandable and with the right knowledge and system you can become a profitable trader. Many people has achieved his goal of gaining a full time income from trading and you can too if you do things right.

There are many ways to lose money in the currency markets. For example you can ignore using “stops” in your trades and take huge risks thinking you have guessed the direction the market will turn next. Reality will show you that the turn of the market may take a long time to come and meanwhile it will cost you dearly. You can also use a “guessing system” to trade. This kind of approach, even with “stops” will result in making you a frustrated trader that will only keep losing more money than what you earn.

There is also a very important factor that can ruin your trades. This factor is “fear”. You can’t approach the markets with fear in your mind. You must be confident about what you are doing and how you will behave as your trade evolves with time. The best thing you can do in order to keep fear out of your trading is to have and understand a good and reliable forex trading system that will show you the way to a profitable trading career.

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